TOUGH Series Controllers

Passing the Test vs. Exceeding the Specs: Is your controller built to survive?

Consider DynaGen’s TOUGH Series® engine and generator controllers:

It’s tough.  We use superior automotive-grade plastics, including high heat laminates for our circuit boards, and resilient silicon front panel buttons.

It’s built to survive.  How do we know that?  We go to extremes testing our TOUGH series® controller.

Instead of testing our products to the usual industry standards, we go above and beyond by testing to the most demanding SAE standards, the same standards used by the heavy trucking industry.

When it comes down to it, how tough is your controller?

Does it offer extended life backed by a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money otherwise spent on troubleshooting and service calls?

Does it perform consistently, while protecting itself from power dips and surges, vibration, and thermal shock?

Does it stand up to the most extreme environments without buckling, bubbling, shrinking, warping or cracking?

That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty – the longest warranty in the industry.

TOUGH Series®

We often hear from clients about the things that set our products apart.

Over the years we've compiled a Top Ten list of problems faced by our clients, learn how we go about making sure they're not an issue with the TOUGH Series®!

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Have you experienced buckling, bubbling, shrinking, warping, or even cracking of the housing? 

Do the labels peel away? If so, it’s clear your controller isn’t adequately protected, which may compromise its integrity and ability to survive in extreme environments. This may set off a chain reaction of larger problems, from water ingress to total failure.

Does your controller fail to start your machine in very cold temperatures? 

This is a common problem with many controllers. Your battery voltage dips when cranking in cold temperatures, which causes the associated electronics to reset, and leads to a failure to start.

Our TOUGH series® controllers get you up and running in the most extreme environments. That’s because we test our product to meet cold cranking requirements under demanding SAE standards. We test well beyond the extremes to ensure stability and toughness that never leaves you out in the cold.

Does it look and feel too fragile for the job?

The TOUGH series® immediately inspires confidence in the eyes of your customers. We build rugged controllers that look as good as they work. Our TOUGH series® projects strength in form and functionality that you can see with your eyes, feel in your hands, and experience on your machinery. Rugged, solid, and impressive, our product is a step-up from other controllers and will raise the look and operation of your machinery along with your customer’s confidence.

Have you struggled with software issues, glitches and hassles?

Our TOUGH controllers are glitch-free. Why? We have a rigorous software and firmware release process where we test a great number of possible conditions. We simply will not release a version of software or firmware until it has passed every one of our painstaking tests.

More wires? More interconnects? More crimps? More failures?

Too many wires and interconnects to your controller can become a virtual “rat's nest” that often leads to miswiring, and more opportunity for poor connections. These annoyances can turn into bigger problems such as wiring falling off, intermittent connection issues, wire chafing and cracking, false shutdowns, or even system failure.

At DynaGen less is more. We keep things clean and simple by integrating more of the wiring directly into our RelayPak option. This creates a compact, contained, and less complex unit with fewer interconnects and less potential for failure or unwanted problems. This saves you valuable time and money.

Are your relays wearing out faster than expected?

Most manufacturers’ nameplate ratings don’t accurately account for real world load conditions. Our TOUGH series® RelayPak option comes with specific pilot duty ratings, and is approved to UL standards for the ACTUAL loads found in engine environments. No doubts, no guessing, no time wasted, and no unnecessary service costs.

Has a digital display ever gone dead, leaving you blind?

This could happen to you if your controller has undergone only the bare minimum in testing. Without a functioning display, the operator is in the dark as to how the machine is working.

The bare minimum isn’t tough enough for our TOUGH series®, especially when it comes to our LCD display. That’s why we ‘torture test’ them to the most demanding SAE temperature and vibration standards.

Does vibration wreak havoc on your controller?

If your circuit board is only snapped into its enclosure with thin plastic clips, it may loosen during vibration, causing a cascading effect of continued damage. Connectors without secure and positive locks can cause the connector plugs to pull out under vibration, requiring a service call.

We test our TOUGH Series® to rugged heavy truck SAE vibration standards. After extensive testing we are confident that our circuit board is completely secure within its enclosure through multiple screw fasteners at key locations, making it impervious to destructive vibrations. We use connectors that positively lock in place and cannot be pulled out over time by engine vibration. Also, our superior mounting system includes sturdy and rugged mounting clips that won’t snap when over-tightened.

Have you ever had part, or all, of a controller suddenly stop working for no apparent reason?

Electronic equipment can be extremely susceptible to transient voltages, surge currents and thermal breakdown.
If you don’t have a controller with a sufficient level of protection against these events, you are likely spending time and money on field service.

No mystery here. Our TOUGH series® controller leaves no doubt, saving you time and money. Our circuit board uses high temperature laminates to ensure the long life of our controller. We added a hefty surge protector to absorb power spikes and we test our controller to severe SAE load dump and transient standards.

Adequate surge protection is very cost effective over the long term. You’ll save significantly on service calls and troubleshooting, and you won’t have to worry about salvaging your reputation.

Have you ever experienced erratic operation in moist environments?

Erratic operation, such as false shutdowns, leaves you with high service costs and time wasted guessing what’s wrong.

Our TOUGH series® controllers have a blanket of conformal coating protection as well as electronic circuits designed to work in high humidity. The front panel is fully sealed from the environment and mounts to your panel with a rugged silicon gasket. You can be confident we have taken every precaution. 

Do your controls behave unpredictably on gas engines? 
Gas engines can emit a lot of electrical noise, which can affect your controller and cause it to act unpredictably. This may force you to use resistive plug wires that require frequent replacement, which wastes time and money.

Our TOUGH series® is tested to the military’s MIL-STD-461-E standard to ensure smooth operation in the most demanding gas engine environments.


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