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If you have searched our Solutions Database and reviewed the product documentation and still can't solve your issue, please submit a support ticket using the form below. A DynaGen representative will respond as quickly as possible to address your concerns.

Initial Steps to troubleshoot a problem

  1. If you purchased this product from a dealer or OEM rather than directly from DynaGen, have you first tried contacting your supplier? Your supplier is likely in a better position to know the specifics of your wiring or configuration in your equipment.
  2. Please check for other problems first such as mechanical faults with the engine/genset, fuel system problems, or incorrect electrical wiring.
  3. Thoroughly review our manual and search for any similar questions in our Solutions Database section.
  4. Find your serial number. This is typically printed immediately after a "-" in the model number as a series of digits.
  5. Carefully describe the problem. We need a full description of what the problem is and all the pertinent conditions. The more you can tell us the better.

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