Your next engine control solution is just a few mouse clicks away…

Get your new application to market with record speed using DynaGen’s RapidCore™ Configuration software.

No computer programming experience is needed thanks to the easy-to-use software interface. Clearly annotated drop down boxes and menu systems guide users through virtually any programming configuration.

The RapidCore® software is compatible with the entire DynaGen TOUGH Series® controller line: TG350, TG350AMF, and TG410.

Powerful configuration:

 - Adjust safety set-points and calibrations

 - Create your own input and output logic combinations

 - Enable optional features

» Front panel speed control

» Setup your own sensor tables

» Customize the CANbus settings

» And more...

Powerful setup:

 - Use only a standard and inexpensive USB cable to your computer

 - Simultaneously store configurations into multiple controllers in one click

Powerful diagnostics:

 - Download the Event Log from the controller for up to 150 events

 - Create your own text names for engine diagnostic trouble codes