OEM Solutions

Lab Tested and Field Proven Reliability

Designed for tough, rugged, and challenging environments.

The reliability of the controller operating your machinery is vital to your reputation. All DynaGen controllers go through careful design and rigorous testing to excel in the harshest conditions. We utilize SAE Heavy Truck and MIL standards which are the toughest standards available in the industry, so you can be certain that your controller solution will perform under pressure.

Are your current controllers tested to the limits?

The end user of your equipment is going to push them to the limits, so when an OEM customer asked to put a DynaGen controller through Highly Accelerated Life Testing we were excited to see how the product would perform.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) techniques are known to uncover many of the weaknesses in the design and fabrication processes of an electronic module. These tests quickly find weaknesses using accelerated stress conditions. In HALT, temperature and vibration are combined to create the accelerated conditions (e.g. high-temperature ramp rates and all-axis vibration levels) By increasing the time to failure long-term weaknesses in products can be discovered.

At the conclusion of a recent HALT test, the OEM customer reported that the controller was “particularly difficult to destruct” and exceeded all their expectations.


Custom Branding

In order for your equipment to stand out from the crowd it needs to have consistent visual impact and be instantly identifiable.

This can be accomplished with private logo branding on all controllers. And when purchasing the Tough Series® Controllers you have the option of six standard color options on the outer gasket as well as custom branding plates proudly showing your logo. The customization options will allow you to match virtually any branding scheme with the Tough Series® Controllers.