Includes 6 Engine Instruments

The GSC300 is designed to provide autostart control, protection, and engine instrumentation for all types of diesel and gas generator sets.  The module is easily configured using either the front panel buttons or our PC configurator software.  The GSC300 provides direct mounting compatibility with other DynaGen controllers such as the GSC400 to allow for a full range of options to fit the application.

Incorporates the Functions of 6 External Gauges

The GSC300 displays 6 critical engine readings through a backlit digital display augmented by 8 high-intensity lights for failure and status conditions.  A built-in Auto/Manual/Off Switch is also included.

3 On-board Replaceable 40A Relays & Fuses

The GSC300 is socketed to accept 3 industry standard 40A resistive cube relays – each protected by a replaceable automotive fuse.  The GSC300 eliminates the need to mount, wire, and fuse external slave relays for Fuel, Crank, and Pre-heat.


The GSC300 is programmed with our free, easy-to-use PC software interface that provides customization of screen messages, languages, sender selections, and control settings.  Programming unit is required.