Controllers with Erratic Operation

Have you ever experienced erratic operation in moist environments?

Erratic operation, such as false shutdowns, leaves you with high service costs and time wasted guessing what’s wrong.

Our TOUGH series® controllers have a blanket of conformal coating protection as well as electronic circuits designed to work in high humidity. The front panel is fully sealed from the environment and mounts to your panel with a rugged silicon gasket. You can be confident we have taken every precaution. 

Do your controls behave unpredictably on gas engines? 
Gas engines can emit a lot of electrical noise, which can affect your controller and cause it to act unpredictably. This may force you to use resistive plug wires that require frequent replacement, which wastes time and money.

Our TOUGH series® is tested to the military’s MIL-STD-461-E standard to ensure smooth operation in the most demanding gas engine environments.