Mobile Towable Generator Set for T4F Applications


Industrial Engine Equipment OEM’s are responding to stricter emission regulations (T4 Final) and faced with the task of adapting more complex controls solution in an environment where ease of use, reliability, adaptability are keys to product and equipment success.

With a rapidly approaching T4F deadline & expanding generator division, a multi-national equipment manufacturer was looking for a controls partner who could help them stand out from the competition. When the customer approached DYNAGEN, they required a much deeper, more collaborative relationship with their controls partner to standardize their control solutions to a unified platform.

In addition to helping standardize the production & development process, it was critical that the eventual partner have the development & production capabilities to grow with them as their strategy continued to evolve. Encouraged by DYNAGEN’s responsiveness from the very first contact, the manufacturer presented their core issue to DYNAGEN for a proposed solution. 


A multinational equipment manufacturer’s generator division had been growing rapidly and hoped to continue that growth with a new control solution partner that was capable of adapting to the new Tier 4 Final engine families, but more importantly a partner that would work alongside it’s engineering group and be part of the deployment team. The company selected DYNAGEN, their Engineering Team and the TOUGH series control solution platform as its choice.


The customer needed to adapt a unified control solution over it broad range of Mobile Towable Generators to meet Tier 4 Final emission requirements, while maintaining the same level of Reliability, Ease of use and ruggedness they had with their previous platform. Responsiveness and long term viability were also key components to their selection criteria.

Growth Strategy

The manufacturer needed a partner who would work with it over the long term to standardize it’s controls solution, work with its generator division as it grows, and become part of the manufacturer’s strategy to stand out from the crowd. In such a competitive market, ease of use, reliability and highly configurable platforms are considered valuable assets within the product development mandate.

Tier 4 Final Deadline

The manufacturer was presented with the requirement of moving from Tier 4 Interim to Tier 4 Final regulations to satisfy EPA deadlines. They wished to start the relationship with the new Tier 4 Final models and use this as a jumping point to standardize on a single robust family of control solutions.

Easy to Use

Historically the company had been relying on analog gauge instruments in their control panels, which was appreciated by the customer base, which is largely centered in the rental industry.
However the increased engine complexity brought on by Tier 4 Final meant that digital solutions were required. The manufacturer need to have a control solution powerful enough and configurable enough to do the job, but simply enough to be used by non-technical users.


DYNAGEN coordinated a webinar introducing the customer to the TOUGH Series of control solutions. DYNAGEN facilitated an installation of a controls solution wired to a live engine in the customer’s test lab which enabled the customer to see a real system wired, configured, programmed, and fully operational. This on the fly proof of concept built confidence that the TOUGH Series of controllers was the right solution.
Engineering support provided during the prototyping and development stages allowed the customer to provide continuous feedback and DYNAGEN Engineers worked alongside the customer to maximize the solutions value in the overall system.
Several key innovations resulted from the collaborative effort between DYNAGEN and the customer which proved to be a differentiator on the complete mobile towable generator system. A few of the key differentiators was as follows:

SCR after-treatment system and the capability to ensure continuous operation 24/7 and continuous supply of Urea.

Unique and novel methods to protect engine turbo in cold weather starting climates.

J1939 high level capabilities, expanding the capabilities on remote connectivity.

HMI implementation which encompasses after treatment system for both SCR, DPF, DOC and combination systems.


The final Tough Series TG410 based solution provided the customer with a SIMPLE easy to use, TOUGH, RELIABLE, and HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE, Tier 4 Compliant solution with innovative features that have provided differentiation for the customer.

Simple, Dependable Operation

Thanks to the collaborative development process, the customer was able to fully integrate the TG410 into design, eliminating unnecessary components and increasing overall reliability with lower production cost. Remote management by wireless telemetry, simplified service on complex Tier 4 Final engines and overall ease of use have made this a win- win development for both manufacturer and end user.

TOUGH and proven reliable

The proven reliability of the DYNAGEN TG410 controller is already having a positive impact on the customer’s bottom line with significant reductions in repair, replacement and maintenance costs. The controller’s industry-leading 5 year warranty provides peace of mind to both the equipment OEM and the customer. In a collaborative effort the TOUGH series controller was also tested to environmental limits well beyond the product specifications, as was indicated by one of the lab staff “The TOUGH Series TG410 controller was difficult to destruct”.

Ongoing Partnership

The close relationship developed during this process has resulted in a TRUE partnership, with DYNAGEN engineers helping to create innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the manufacturer and end user.