Aftermarket Solutions

Are you looking to increase the value of an existing engine?

Consider an easy to integrate engine control solution.

Customers that use DynaGen products consistenly report increases in the value and capabilities of their engine equipment. DynaGen controllers are easy to integrate with virtually any engine you utilize. You will be provided the tools, techniques, and accessories needed to quickly implement a control solution for your project, including pre-built harnesses, wiring diagrams, and expert advice.


Are you alarmed by the cost of replacing factory generator control panels? Chances are you have experienced the wasted time and aggravation of finding and wiring all the right components to install an aftermarket solution. 

A solution such as the Retro Kit general panel replacement can dramatically cut your costs to get the generator up and running again. The Retro Kit includes the state-of-the-art TG-410 digital control module, engine sensors, quick-start wiring harness and current sensing transformers, all wrapped up in a custom made steel enclosure with vibration isolators.


Focusing on easy installation and rapid setup allows us to provide you with the most practical upgrade solution for auto start panels on engines and generators. Whether offered as an option to your customers or as a standard upgrade, DynaGen engine and generator controllers are the leading choice for dealers and installers needing the auto start capability at a reasonable cost.

For facilities needing to upgrade to NFPA 110, the RA400 remote annunciator is an ideal solution. This annunciator connects to DynaGen generator panel with a simple 3-wire interface cable and provides full NFPA 110 Level 1 indications and alarms.


Need to upgrade an outdated generator control panel? Or perhaps you are investing in the longevity of equipment with a new paint job or overhaul. There's no better time to consider a new control panel from DynaGen. Aftermarket customers have found this can significantly increase the value of used equipment and is a great return on investment to bring legacy equipment up to date.